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[NEWS] New 5-Year Visas For Parents

Want to bring your parents to Australia? We have great news for you! A new temporary 5-year parent visa will come into effect 1 July 2017.

Currently the options are expensive and involve long wait times. Either a $5,935 visa with 10-year queue times or $47,295 visa with 2-year queue times. The new option will provide a compromise between cost and wait times. Here's a 100-word summary of the details that have been finalised so far.


When it will come into effect: 1 July 2017

**5 May 2017 UPDATE: This visa is now delayed. The Department of Immigration has announced today: "The introduction of the temporary sponsored parent visa is subject to passage of the Migration Amendment (Family Violence and other Measures) Bill 2016 (the Bill) through Parliament. The Bill is currently before the Senate and if it passes in the Winter sittings the new visa will be introduced in late 2017."** Source:

Who does this affect: Parents of Australian citizens and permanent residents

Key features:

  • Visa holders will be able to stay up to 5 years without renewal • Stay period granted will depend on the applicant, capacity of sponsor • Cheaper than current options • Parents must be sponsored by their children • Sponsors must be employed or financially stable and have lived in Australia for a number of years • Visa holders will not be eligible for healthcare or welfare


Full details (including: age limit, English proficiency, work rights and quotas) will be finalised later this year.

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