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[NEWS] South Australia: 4th July Changes to Skilled Migration Program

South Australia has made 2 main changes to their skilled migration program - new occupation lists and higher points requirement for ICT occupations. These changes apply to all applications submitted since the system reopened on 4 July 2019.


Here is a summary:

1. Expanded occupation list

  • 100+ NEW occupations added to main occupation list (SNOL) - 275 occupations in total

  • NEW occupations added to the Supplementary List - 223 occupations in total

2. ICT occupations require 75 points minimum*

Due to a high number of ICT applicants:

  • Instead of needing 65 points, ICT occupations will require a minimum of 75 points (including the +5 points from state nomination)

  • * SA has announced that this may be dropped back to the current levels of 65 points depending on demand

* You are exempt from this higher points requirement, and will only need a minimum of 65 points (including state nomination points), if you are:

  • Currently working in your nominated or closely related occupation in South Australia; or

  • Applying under the international graduate of South Australia provisions


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