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[NEWS] State Nomination Begins to Open & What This Means for You

More than half the states have now released their interim nomination programs so that they can still offer nominations for those in essential/critical sectors.

What does it mean for you if your occupation is not on the interim list? Don't stress! These limited offerings are only temporary. The states are expected to fully open their programs for onshore applicants by October/November 2020.

In the meantime, here's everything you need to know and considerations you need to make.


This table details the current offerings of each state:

Note that the requirements listed above are summarised for your convenience. Please visit the information pages on the website of the individual governments for more details.

When the program fully reopens in October/November for the new onshore programs, we expect they are still likely to fall into 2 broad categories: 1. You need to study in the state 2. You need to have a job offer/work in the state, in your nominated occupation. We predict a similar approach will be taken with the new programs:

  • NSW and VIC will only offer limited spots and will be less transparent and less predictable when compared to other states

  • The best options will be states that offer nomination options for graduates without work experience in their nominated occupation.


"What are my options if I'm on my 485 visa and I don't meet the current nomination requirements?"

You can count on additional options being available from October/November, and the requirements will still likely fall within the 2 categories mentioned above. You should research employment opportunities, in your nominated occupation, in areas outside of Melbourne, Sydney, and Western Australia. This will help you determine your chances of securing a job for state nomination once the programs reopen. If, by October/November, you don’t feel that your chances of eligible employment are high, then you need to consider studying in strategic locations to maximise your chance of PR. However, by waiting until October/November, you risk missing out on securing enrolment because courses that lead to PR often fill up fast.

"I want to maximise my chance of PR by enrolling into an eligible course now, but which state should I choose?"

Even though the new nomination requirements won't be confirmed for another 1-2 months, you can predict which states are likely to nominate you based on their previous preferences for nominating graduates. This allows you to start the enrolment process now to ensure you don't miss out.


Still unsure which state to opt for? Want confirmation you've made the best choice?

Our migration experts are always here to help! Book in for a free consultation to speak 1-to-1 with our migration experts today.




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