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Partner Visa Update: What’s Happening in November

As you know, Immigration had indicated they were changing the Partner Visa requirements this November.

October is almost over, and everyone is wondering when these changes will be implemented. Here are the latest updates from the Migration Institute of Australia:


Industry Body Requests Immigration for Update

Immigration has yet to announce a specific date when these changes will take place.

With November almost upon us, the Migration Institute of Australia has also requested Immigration to provide an update.

We’ll publish an update here as soon as we hear back from Immigration. So bookmark this page and follow us on Facebook if you’re thinking of applying for the Partner Visa in the next few months.


Our Migration Experts: No Point Waiting

Tony Truong (MARN: 1576409)

Since October is almost over, it’s unlikely these changes will happen in November.

However, the legislative framework for these changes has already been made. This means that all it takes is an announcement from Immigration for these new changes to come into effect. We saw a similar situation with the 457 visa back in 2017.

So if you’re eligible for the Partner Visa, there’s no point in waiting.

You could be eligible if you have spent 3 months together (lived together or travelled on holidays).


Should you apply now? Are you eligible?

Find out in your free 1-to-1 consultation with our Partner Visa experts 👇



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