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[Expert Tip] Save Yourself Months of Waiting: Decision-Ready Applications

Save Months of Waiting: Decision-Ready Visa Applications [Expert Tip]

Decision-ready applications are becoming increasingly important.

Until 30th of June, instead of in the order of when they were received, all Onshore Partner Visa applications will be processed in order of: 1) risk and 2) decision-readiness. This is a combined result of Department-wide hiring restrictions as well as annual targets.


1. What is decision - ready?

An application that has all of the information and supporting documents that are needed for the Visa Processing Officer to immediately make a decision.

2. How do I make my application decision ready?

Ensure you have a comprehensive checklist of every document you need. They need to cover every requirement. Ensure everything is provided at the time of submission.

Every decision-ready applications we have submitted have saved our clients months of waiting.


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