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State Nomination Update - Australian Capital Territory 2022-23 Requirements

Since 2015, our principal migration agent has helped thousands of students, graduates, skilled professionals with their Australian migration journey. Over the next few days, our principal migration agent is here to help you with yours!

Here comes the final part of the state nomination video series! Today is all about the Australian Capital Territory's state nomination program.

BONUS: For a very concise, short summary of what the state nomination program is about, watch this video here for a recap 👉

In the last few days, Tony went through all the state nomination programs, their recent updates and provided a concise summary of everything you need to know. Go check them out on our homepage!



Hi everyone, Tony here from Skylark Migration. I want to talk to you guys today about state nomination.


Let's talk about ACT state nomination. So the key element of the ACT nomination program is the critical skills list. So it's basically an occupation list that's specific to Canberra. So you do need to have an occupation on that list to be eligible. If you've got an occupation on that list, then essentially the invitations are issued based on your score on their own points test. So ACT have their own points test system, which they call the Canberra Matrix. So this is not to be confused with immigration's points test system for the visa. So under the Canberra Matrix that you get points based on factors that are important to the state of ACT itself. So for example, you could score very highly on the immigration points test. But you can score a very low score on the Canberra Matrix. A good way to see how likely you are to receive an invitation based on the Canberra Matrix is to look at the invitation round results that are published by the ACT regularly. So the points cut-offs are all different, depending on the occupation, depending on if you're applying for the 190 or 491 nomination, or if you are applying from onshore or offshore. Tony: For onshore applicants, generally speaking, if you are working in your nominated occupation or if you have studied in the state for at least 2 years, for most occupations, have enough points to have a decent or realistic chance of getting an invitation. Tony: Just note that overseas applicants are also subject to the same Canberra Matrix points test. But like I mentioned, the points cut-offs may be different to offshore applicants. So I think the best way to assess your chances of getting an invitation, again, is to look at the invitation round results published by the state.


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