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State Nomination Update - Northern Territory 2022-23 Requirements

Since 2015, our principal migration agent has helped thousands of students, graduates, skilled professionals with their Australian migration journey. Over the next few days, our principal migration agent is here to help you with yours!

Today, we are excited to launch the 4th part of the state nomination video series, it is all about Northern Territory's state nomination program.

BONUS: For a very concise, short summary of what the state nomination program is about, watch this video here for a recap 👉

Also, over the next few days, Tony will go through all the state nomination programs, their recent updates and give you a concise summary of everything you need to know. Stay tuned!



Hi everyone, Tony here from Skylark Migration. I want to talk to you guys today about state nomination.


Let's talk about NT state nomination. So you can meet the Northern Territory state nomination requirements in one or three ways.

  1. So you can be working in your nominated occupation in the NT for at least six months.

  2. Or secondly, you can be a graduate from Northern Territory Institution, though just bear in mind that they have different requirements, depending on if you have had your 485 Visa yet or not.

  3. And thirdly, you can get NT nomination if you're applying from overseas, but then that's where the skilled occupation list would apply.

I've noticed that there's a bit of confusion sometimes with the occupation lists. So just bear in mind the occupation list is more for the offshore applicants. If you're already working in your nominated occupation or you're a graduate from an NT institution and you don't need to worry about the occupation list.

Tony: Just remember that this is only a very simplified summary of the state nomination requirements to help you develop your migration strategy. Make sure you do visit the state government website for a full list of details on your eligibility.


Have questions about how to get Australian PR through state nomination?

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