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State Nomination Update - Tasmania 2022-23 Requirements

Since 2015, our principal migration agent has helped thousands of students, graduates, skilled professionals with their Australian migration journey. Over the next few days, our principal migration agent is here to help you with yours!

If you are looking to immigrate to Australia, Tasmania can be a good choice. Today, we are excited to introduce you the 7th part of our state nomination video series! It is all about Tasmania's state nomination program.

BONUS: For a very concise, short summary of what the state nomination program is about, watch this video here for a recap 👉

Also, over the next few days, Tony will go through all the state nomination programs, their recent updates and give you a concise summary of everything you need to know. Stay tuned!



Hi everyone, Tony here from Skylark Migration. I want to talk to you guys today about state nomination.


Let's talk about Tasmania state nomination. So with Tasmania, they have different streams for the 190 and the 491 visas.

Tony: So with the 190, the requirement is split into three streams, so either you're working in your nominated occupation. Or secondly, you're a graduate from Tasmania. Or thirdly, they also have a separate stream for what they call established residents, which essentially means you still need to be working in Tasmania, but it doesn't have to be in your nominated occupation. They have certain requirements if you are working there or if you're running your own business.

Tony: With the 491 Visa, they've still got the same three streams that you do meet in the same way, but then they've got three additional streams. So with the three additional streams,

  1. Firstly, you can be running a business in Tasmania for 491 nomination.

  2. Secondly, if you are applying from overseas, then if you've got a job offer, then you can meet the requirements this way.

  3. And finally, they've also got another stream for overseas applicants, which is essentially by invitation only. So this last stream is very similar to how Victoria would operate where you would just express your interest for Tasmania and they'll pick and choose who they want. So the likelihood of you getting nomination under that last stream will be less than if you did get a job offer.

Tony: So, the interesting thing with Tasmania with each of these streams, they do have, I guess a series of priorities that helps you assess how likely you are to get the invitations. So even though you meet the minimum eligibility requirements for Tasmania state nomination, it doesn't necessarily mean you'll get an invitation. So it's very important that you look at the priorities that they're seeking to see where you would be placed compared to other prospective applicants.


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