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[Expert Tip] Submit Your Supporting Documents on the Same Day

In a case looked at by the Federal Court this month, a 485 visa applicant included evidence of applying for a skills assessment with CPA less than 1 month after submitting their visa application. All good? Unfortunately not. The application was refused 4 months later.

The Department of Immigration did not find that, when the application was made, it was ‘accompanied by’ evidence of the application for a skills assessment. This was despite the fact that the evidence was still provided before it was assessed by the Department. The decision was upheld by the Appeals Tribunal and even the Federal Court.


For all online 485 Temporary Graduate visa applications, all supporting materials must be submitted immediately after lodgement, or at least on the same day. This is a requirement for grant of the visa under the Migration Regulations 1994.


An application that should’ve been approved was refused just like that. Don’t fall victim to a seemingly small issue!

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