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[Expert Tip] Want PR? Tasmania Could Be Your Answer!

Want PR? Tasmania Could Be Your Answer! [Expert Tip]

Very often PR-seekers find that either they are 5 points short of their 60 point requirement, or their occupation is not on the Department of Immigration's SOL.

Here are 3 reasons why you should consider Tasmanian State Nomination.


#1: Extra 5 points

Obtaining Tasmanian state nomination will give you an additional 5 points towards your Skilled Migration Points Test, getting you that one step closer to your points requirement.

#2: Access to more occupations

You will have access to 470 more occupations. Tasmanian State Nomination gives you access the broader Consolidated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL), instead of just the SOL.

#3: There is lots to love about Tasmania

Tasmania is only 1 hour by plane from Melbourne and 2 hours from Sydney. It is home to pristine coastlines, breath-taking scenery, World Heritage sites, great food and wine and welcoming regional towns.


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