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[Expert Tip] The Best Types of Jobs in Australia

Once again, big corporations such as BHP Billiton, HP and Telstra are all announcing significant job cuts. For new migrants looking for work in Australia, this news can be quite worrying.

'What's the job market like in Australia?', 'How safe is my job?’, ‘What kinds of jobs should I get?’. These are common questions we get from our clients. Here's the best place for you to find the answers.


The best place for you to get answers is here: Department of Employment's ‘Job Outlook’ website.

It compiles data on over 350 occupations, and looks at statistics such as: employment growth rates, average wage, unemployment levels, job prospects and future openings. It even highlights the most important skills required for each occupation.


So whether you’re a graduate deciding on your career path, or an employee wanting a peace of mind, this website is the perfect place to start.

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