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The Difference Between Migration and Immigration

Today we had a brain teasing discussion about a very pertinent question: Are our clients migrants, immigrants or emigrants? Are we migration agency, immigration agency or emigration agency??

Here are our findings of what these terms mean and how they should be used. We hope you find them as useful (and interesting!) as we did.


Sometimes you’ll see the terms being used interchangeably, but there is a difference!

Who are immigrants and what is immigration?

An immigrant is “a person who has moved to another country, usually for permanent residence".

Immigration is “the act of immigrating, or the act of moving to another country.”

Who are emigrants and what is emigration?

An emigrant, on the other hand, is “someone who leaves a country or region.”

Emigration is “an act or instance of emigrating.”

As for migration agency or immigration agency, this was a bit easier, ANZSCO officially calls us 'migration agents' in Australia, or immigration consultants in New Zealand. So that settles that!


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