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[Expert Tip] Partner Visas Myths: True or False

Partner Visas Myths: True or False [Expert Tip]

Everyone seems to know a bit about Partner Visas. As a result, lots of rumours get spread, some true, some false. Today we will help you debunk some of the most common myths about Partner Visas.


"I have to be married with my partner before I can sponsor them to come to Australia"

FALSE. If you aren't married, you may still apply for a partner visa as a de facto couple.

"We are thinking of getting married, I should start preparing for my application now"

TRUE. You need time to collect evidence of your relationship. There is also a 2-year waiting period before your partner may be eligible for the permanent visa.

"We are in a genuine relationship, the application should be easy"

FALSE. In addition to a 90+ question-long application form, here at Skylark, we include 30+ different types of supporting evidence. The hardest part is knowing how to best prove the genuineness of your relationship.

"I can do it myself"

TRUE & FALSE. If you have great English, that definitely helps. However, as we see here, proving that your relationship is genuine is not that easy. 'Fake-marriages' are a hot topic. In light of recent scandals, the "zero-tolerance" policy is set to make the process more stringent.

"I won't be able to get this visa because I have sponsored someone in the past"

FALSE. If it has been 5 years, then you may be eligible to sponsor again.

"I can still get this visa if I'm in a same-sex relationship"

TRUE. As long as you meet all the regular criteria, you are able apply as a de facto couple.


Have you heard any of these before? Did the truth surprise you? Comment below if you have heard of any others and we will tell you if they're true or false!

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