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[Expert Tip] Visa Expiring 15th March? Extend Your Stay For 18+ Months

Visa Expiring 15 March? Extend Your Stay for 18+ Months

Are you a international student who graduated in 2016? Does your visa END on March 15th? That is less than 2 months away! Don't be stuck in 2 months' time when you have no options but to pack up your life and leave the country.


The #1 THING you could do right now is to start making plans TODAY.

One of the best options may be for you to start applying for the 485 Temporary Graduate visa, this will allow you to stay in the country for another 18 months - 4 years, giving you the time to maximise your chance at getting PR!

However, this option is gone after 6 months (from your graduation date).

We would strongly advise for you to start thinking about your next steps today!


Want to have a chat with our principal migration agent and former-Visa Processing Officer? Feel free to book in a 100% FREE 1-to-1 initial consultation today!


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