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Will You Have Work Rights on a Bridging Visa A?

It's getting to that time of the year when many people will be applying for their new student visas or 485 TR visas. A very common question we get is "will my bridging visa come with work rights?".

One of the biggest misconceptions we come across is that "my bridging visa will carry over the same conditions as my current visa". This is wrong.

For example, just because you currently hold a student or visitor visa doesn't mean you won't have full work rights on the bridging visa!

VEVO only lets you check your current visa conditions. So how do you determine before applying for the visa, if your bridging visa will have work rights or not? How do you plan so you can tell your employer?

It's easy. Let us show you.


Just because the visa that you're currently on has work restrictions, doesn't mean that you will have them on your Bridging Visa A.


Here's a short cut:

Step 1. Check if the visa that you are applying for is in the cheat list below

If you are applying for any of the following visa types, then your Bridging Visa A will come with full work rights:

  • Graduate (485)

  • Skilled – Independent (189)

  • Skilled - Nominated (190)

  • Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) (491)

  • Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) (494)

  • Employer Nomination Scheme (186)

  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (187)

  • Onshore Partner (820/801)

  • Aged Parent (804)

  • Contributory Aged Parent Temporary (884)

  • Contributory Aged Parent (864)

  • Business Talent (132)

  • Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) (188)

  • Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) (888)

Step 2. If the visa that you are applying for is not in the list above, use this handy tool

1. Go to this page:

Bridging Visa Work Rights - Partner Visa | Skylark Migration

2. Select the visa type that you are applying for (do not select Bridging Visa A)

3. If you see any of the following conditions appear (which may restrict your work rights), these will also apply to your Bridging Visa A:

8101, 8102, 8103, 8104, 8105, 8107, 8108, 8111, 8112, 8114, 8115, 8539, 8547, 8549, 8607 and 8608

Please note that your bridging visa (and its conditions) won't take effect until your current substantive visa expires.

The post above covers the majority of situations for Bridging visas, but note that it may not always apply to your specific circumstances, especially if you're applying for protection visas.


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2 commentaires

13 janv. 2023

This explanation was very clear and easy to understand. Thanks


08 oct. 2022

Hi. Will there be a work restriction on my bridging visa if i applied onshore for visa 189 while on visa 600?

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